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Technology, Design, Media.

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Incredible products use incredible design.  It not only looks good, but functions well, is responsive, and allows the highest level of interaction with your customer.

Technologies are evolving at an ever increasing pace, our focus is on the end to end product lifecycle, including application development and implementation.

We leverage formal methodologies to ensure success; this includes governance, risk mitigation, and resource planning to achieve your desired outcomes.

Solid State Design, Inc. was formed in Boulder, Colorado in 1995 with the purpose of providing technology consulting, graphic design, and marketing services to enterprise businesses. We develop mobile apps, create application platforms, and maximize new technologies to help our customers succeed.

We pride ourselves in helping people leverage technology in the best way to serve their needs.  We don’t start with technology for the sake of technology, but strive to truly understand our customer needs, and then help them address those needs in a fast and efficient way.